Linux System Administrator


What I am all about.

குறள் :

எண்ணிய எண்ணியாங் கெய்துப எண்ணியார்

திண்ணியர் ஆகப் பெறின்.

Enniya Enniyaangu Eydhu Enniyaar

Thinniyar Aakap Perin.

விளக்கம் :

எண்ணியவர் (எண்ணியபடியே செயல் ஆற்றுவதில்) உறுதியுடையவராக இருக்கப்பெற்றால் அவர் எண்ணியவற்றை எண்ணியவாறே அடைவர்.


I’m Vignesh Chandramohan, working as an Associate System Administrator. I deal with Computer Networks, Linux servers, Oracle Databases, monitoring and maintaining product environment. Proven abilities in establishing effective task priorities, work independently and as integral part of a team.

Networking 84%
Database 70%
Linux 78%
Python 65%
Shell scripting 91%
Java, C++ 60%


Tony Stark would be jealous.

Computer Service Engineer

Onsite service work of Computer hardware’s and peripherals, security and alarm system at Reliance Fresh & Petrol bunks in Tamil Nadu circle. Participated in Troubleshooting Network, Desktop and Laptops in both Hardware and Software

Year : Mar 2010 - Sep 2011

System Administrator

Deploying and managing LAMJ Architecture. Installing, configuring and managing Networks, Desktops, Laptops, Firewalls, Windows and Linux Servers. Maintain inventories, Cloud server, Domain, Workspace Mailbox purchase and renewals

Year : Aug 2015 - Nov 2016

Associate System Administrator

Responsible for Linux environments on all servers including networking, storage, and applications. Document equipment configurations, procedures, and guidelines in order to provide accurate information related to corporate IT projects

Year : Dec 2016 - Present


I build the real value.

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Network Architecture

Load Balancer & High performamce

Production Server/Network environment shift from single server Do or Die model to loadbalancer and multiple instance with never falling Phoenix model. Implementing one master and one backup load balancer servers followed by three Web Servers and two Database servers with master/slave setup which provides high confidence on production environment.

Ensure 99.9 percent up-time and high performance. Three web servers under load balancer provides complete product availability to the customer and every server run shell scripts through cronjobs to recover the server immediately if anything went wrong.



Architecture Design



Monitoring all nodes

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

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Tony Stark's JARVIS

Personal Assistant & AI

Totally inspired by Tony Stark and his personal assistant JARVIS. With the help of third-party software and Voice-macro, Installed JARVIS program in one machine contains some databases provided by third-party and loaded tons of personal command with both English and Tamil. After spend lot of time by practicing speech recognition, Finally made JARVIS as an interactive and responsive software by performing some actions in the machine, using database and referring internet answering the questions raised.

Further step is moving the same setup into the server environment then implementing the voice communication platforms like VoIP/Unified Communications and make the JARVIS software to be reachable from anywhere.



System Design


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Message Alert Utility

Tools & Utility

The system alert the user by displaying a message about the records that are received on that particular day. When signing into your system or your account and before sign out, the installed tool display an alert message that you have unread messages list and provides message accessing facility.

Decrease the chance of missing the messages, provide high communication and instant response to all the received messages.





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Routing Algorithm

Implementation & Case Study

Purpose of the algorithm is to transfer the file into the server through routers. Selects the file which and assign the multicast IP addresses for minimum cost routing and maximum cost routing. Selected file is to be splitted into sub files based on the size and transfer the splitted files to the routers.

Implemented both server and client side algorithm to ensure performance, time taken for splitting the actual data, transferring time and alignment of received data to actual data.





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Image Processing Algorithm

Implementation & Comparison

Implementing Edge Detection Algorithms in image processing concept and perform a case study based on time and performance aspect. Used three algorithms which are implemented in java that gets image as an input and applies the edge detection algorithms seperatly and returns the result which shows the efficiency of the implemented algorithm.

Case study is performed based on the time taken for execution and accuracy. The result provides the best algorithm based on the requirement of time consumption and quality.




Case Study